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recreation innovation laboratory

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participation through innovation


anticouch science pioneers

anticouch science pioneers


ATOMIC creates viable innovations that compel people everywhere to frequently and vigorously participate in recreational activities



rocket sports


Teams (2-5 players per team, all ages, all skill levels, same-sex or coed) compete in small turf rinks, in popup arenas, or in padded rooms (soccer, dodgeball, etc); there are minimal rules, no bounds, no coaches, and no referees; play is safe, fast-paced, and off the walls; matches are spontaneous or scheduled, and competition is balanced.  

atomic rooms

Atomic Rooms are self-provisioned, automated, modular, convenient, soundproof, semi-private rooms (approximately 40’ by 60’) where end-users control lighting, sound, video (capture and projection), and climate. Atomic rooms are designed to accommodate Rocket Sports, other fitness activities (e.g.: basketball, yoga, bodyweight, and flexibility training), education and civic uses, parties and events, and even the delivery of augmented reality experiences.  

rocket arenas

The fastest way to encourage the rapid spread of fast, fun Rocket Sports is to enable anyone anywhere to inexpensively build small, padded arenas. Atomic is engineering and testing inexpensive, modular, weather-resistant wall cells (think large, colorful, rectangular bags) that can be filled with recycled water bottles and then fastened together and stacked (optional) to form popup Rocket Arenas.  

rocket software

Communities, neighborhoods, and groups need a simple messaging and group scheduling platform that enables the spontaneous (versus bureaucratically scheduled and managed), elastic, democratic, and balanced formation of teams, matchplay, leagues, and tournaments (by age, skill, rating, gender, and geography). Likewise, groups need to be able to easily share costs (if any) and reserve play spaces.

This is the hardest problem in recreation.